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  • What is Office 365 Home?

    Office 365 Home is a suite of applications and services that includes a number of popular tools that aid professionals in their work life. From creating word documents and spreadsheets to slideshow presentations, Office has been the first name in desktop office tools since its initial release in 1989.

  • Is Office 365 Home free?

    The Home version of Office 365 is a subscription-based software suite and is only free for a one month trial period. Once the month is up, users can purchase the full version for use on up to five different devices. Subscriptions can be obtained on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Is Office 365 Home safe?

    Cybersecurity firms uncovered vulnerabilities in Office in early 2017 that enabled hackers to install malware using Microsoft Word files. The vulnerabilities have since been fixed and using the software is generally considered to be safe. Files stored in the Microsofts OneDrive cloud service are also secure and private.

  • What platforms is Office 365 Home available on?

    Office 365 is available for use with the Windows operating system and macOS. Individual Office tools can be found online using a web browser, regardless of the operating system. Office also offers each tool as a free mobile application that are available on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

  • Does Office 365 Home come with Windows 10?

    Although Windows 10 and Office 365 are both Microsoft products, the Home version of Office 365 is not included with the operating system. The applications for each tool from the Office suite, however, like PowerPoint, Word and Excel, are available for free from different app stores, but they are limited compared to the full versions.

  • Does Office 365 Home expire?

    Office 365 is a purchased as a monthly or annual subscription, which means you’re only able to use the service as long as you’re paying for it. Without updating your subscription, your access to Office 365 expires. It should be noted, however, that those who pay for the one-time purchase pay for the software outright.

  • What does Office 365 Home include?

    Office 365 includes a number of different tools, including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. Tools like Word and Excel are considered by most to be the industry standards within their respective categories and are used by millions of users each year.

  • How much storage does Office 365 Home offer?

    An annual Office 365 for your Home includes 1TB (terabyte) of storage in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. These files can be accessed from anywhere in which there is an internet connection, regardless of whether you’re using your home computer or not.

  • How can I download Office 365 Home?

    For Windows users, the Home version of Office 365 can be found for purchase on the Microsoft website. For Macs, each individual app can also be found in the Mac App Store. Office mobile apps can also be downloaded directly from the iOS, Android or Windows mobile app stores.

  • How often is Office 365 Home updated?

    Microsoft Office is updated regularly. Checking for updates can be done by choosing “File”, selecting “Account”, selecting “Product Information” and clicking on “Update Options”.

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